St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church

You're Invited


All of us are on a spiritual journey and what matters most is not where a person is on that journey, but actually being on the journey itself. We seek to welcome all people regardless of the stage of their spiritual life, with all their hopes and struggles, as we all journey together.

So where do you start? Join us for Mass on Saturday night or Sunday! That's the place to experience the St. Rose community and to pray with others. 

If you decide you would like to register as a new member of our parish, all you need to do is print and return the Registration Form. You may drop it off in person at the office, give it to Father Dave, mail it, or email a copy of it.

Do you have any questions or concerns before joining? Please call Father Dave or call the office at (608) 744-2010.

Mailing address:

St. Rose of Lima

519 W. Roosevelt St.

Cuba City, WI  53807

Email: [email protected]